April 2015, Krosno, Across Borders VI: The West Looks East,

Ongoing annual series of conferences organized by Stanisław Pigoń State College in Krosno, Poland, Masaryk University of Brno, Czech Republic, University of Presov, Slovakia, & Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

The conference aims at investigating aspects of culture, language and literature in the context of a world made more mobile than ever before. Intercultural encounters accompanying the movement of individuals and groups receive a variety of expressions and call for a debate in an interdisciplinary context.

Plenary Speakers: Prof. James Underhill, Grenoble, France & Prof. Adam Głaz, UMCS, Poland




April 2015, Rouen, The Jürgen Trabant Wilhelm von Humboldt Lectures,

9 hours of Online Conference Papers on Wilhelm von Humboldt’s thinking on language and worldview




March 2015, Rouen, Translating Heimat, Home, & Homeland

Online Multilingual Conference Papers on translating the notion of ‘home’, into Spanish, Catalan, English, German, and Chinese.




November 2014, Queen’s University, Belfast, Translating Values

International Conference



November 2014, PuławyMethods for Analyzing the Linguistic Worldview

International Conference, Metody analizy językowego obrazu świata

w kontekście badań porównawczych (organized by Eurojos, Jerzy Bartmiński)


September 2014, Berlin, Humboldts Sprachwissenschaft in Ost-Europa

Humboldt’s Influence in Eastren Countries (organized by Bettina Lindorfer & Jürgen Trabant)



March 2014, Rouen, Appréhender l’espace

Online Multidisciplinary Conference on Conceptions of Space,