Rouen Conference

The Sign and its Limits

An Encounter between scholars from linguistics and poetics with the CNRS, organised by REP, Normandy University 

Penser le signe et ses limites (Lectures in French) 

London Conference: Thinking Language

Wilhelm von Humboldt Today

London Conference organised by Marko Pajević, Queen Mary's University

Prague Conference

Cltural Linguistics for Today's Europe

Prague Conference organised by REP, Normandy University & Charles University, Prague (Papers in English, Czech, & Czech Sign Language)

Rouen Lecture Series

The Jürgen Trabant Wilhelm von Humboldt Lectures



Rouen-Lublin Conference

Appréhender l'espace  


Rouen Conference

Translating Heimat, Home & Homeland 

Lectures on Home & Homeland in English & Spanish

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Adam Glaz"

Lublin Translation Studie

Language, Cultures, Worldviews

Lectures on Home & Homeland in English & Spanish


Linguistic Diversity in Normandy

Vova, REP, Langues de Normandie, LACITO CNRS, Tucana, Amazonie colombienne