If you have a project that is likely to interest REP, we may be able to collaborate with you in helping you find additional financing for shared events and projects in Ethnolinguistics, provided you can already ensure financing at your end.

·        REP is always willing to consider working on shared Book Projects, though in our experiences the kind of books we are interested in writing grow out of encounters that allow working relationships and reflection to develop over time.

·        REP is happy to consider setting up Research Workshops, exchanges, and encounters between academics in Europe and throughout the world.

·        REP is interested in broadening the scope of its activities to develop ongoing Ethnolinguistics projects related to cultural linguistics, the conception of space in language, metaphor theory, and key cultural concepts either online or in paper publications.

·        REP is interested in facilitating the exchange of lecturers and students between Partner Universities, for example by setting up European Masters Programmes in Translation Studies and Cultural Linguistics.